What is Rush?

Formal Rush is a term used to define the period of time when fraternities have the opportunity to host events in order to recruit prospective undergraduates who may be interested in joining their organization. Although formal rush is an important time in the recruitment of new members, actual recruitment is a year round process. At the end of the formal rush period, bids are given out personally by the fraternity to the prospects in which they see potential candidates for membership in their organization. If the prospect decides that they want to be part of the organization, they will accept their bids. Bid Acceptance is a formal dinner or other activity hosted by the fraternity to welcome their new member candidates.

Why Go TKE?

Being a TKE means being part of something greater than yourself. TKE offers so many opportunities that cannot be found anywhere else. The TKE Purpose is to contribute to the personal growth of our members. The TKE Mission is to aid men in their mental, moral, and social development for life. Alpha Tau does just that. TKE offers the most diverse and consistent social environments anywhere on Drexel’s Campus. Joining TKE will introduce to new college experience that you will never forget. TKE gives you the opportunity to meet hundreds of college students with the same interests and values as yourself. TKE helps develop it’s members into the leaders of tomorrow by giving the members the opportunities to hold offices, network with others, and build a vast resume. The officers of the house have responsibilities far beyond those of a normal Drexel student.